Many factors such as excessive accumulation of dirt, moisture, sun and outdoor pollution can reduce the life of your awning. To protect your awning from premature deterioration, it is strongly recommended to have your canvas cleaned every 4-5 years.

It is important to have it cleaned by a professional, who uses non-abrasive products specially designed for acrylic fabrics that will not damage the fiber of the fabric.

Before starting the cleaning service, we will carefully inspect each seam to ensure the strength of the them. Following the inspection of your fabric, if we judge that the seams are too weekend, we will recommend that you sew the fabric of your awning completely before cleaning.

The cleaning service offered by Auvents Valleyfield also includes complete waterproofing of the canvas and sun protection with professional product that will not fade your colors. You can contact us for an estimate of the costs of this service.


Our qualified installation team at Auvents Valleyfield offers you the service of installing, removing, and storing your awning canvas. This service includes early spring installation, late fall removal, and storage in our specialized facilities during the winter.

It is important to store your awning canvas in a high, warm, and dry place. During removal, your canvas will be placed in an identified bag, specially designed to prevent any damage that could be caused by water, unwanted animals, or other undesired factors.

You can contact us for a cost estimate for this service.



Do you have a canvas project in mind? Do you want to be advised and do business with professionals?

Auvents Valleyfield offers you a custom canvas making service that will meet your expectations. Whether it’s for a shade canvas, an awning canvas, a covering canvas, a protective canvas, a privacy canvas, and much more, we will advise you on the right choice of materials according to your needs and will be there to support you in the realization of your custom canvas project. Our sewing workshop, adapted for large dimensions, our industrial sewing machines, and our highly qualified employees allow us to offer you a multiple canvas making and repair service, tailored to your needs. A representative can even come to your home to take the right measurements and help you outline your project. We manufacture the canvas according to your dimensions and tastes. We use a wide range of varied, high-quality materials, and this, in a wide variety of colors. The first step towards the success of your project is to come and meet us with your plan and/or a model to produce. We will be happy to advise you. Doing business with Auvents Valleyfield means supporting a specialized manufacturer that produces Quebec products.

Examples of custom-made canvases offered

  • Swing canopy
  • 3-season awning canvas in acrylic fabric or other materials
  • 4-season awning canvas in premium vinyl, translucent or opaque
  • Truck canvas
  • Privacy canvas
  • Rain protection canvas
  • Snow protection canvas
  • Wind protection canvas
  • Insect protection canvas
  • Custom-made canvases of all kinds


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Ready to bring your a
wning project to life?

Contact us for customized service and unmatched expertise in residential and commercial awnings.

Ready to bring your
awning project to life?

Contact us for customized service and unmatched expertise in residential and commercial awnings.