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Awning Cleaning by Valleyfield

Cleaning awnings

Many factors such as excessive accumulation of dirt, moisture, sun and outdoor pollution can reduce the life of your awning. To protect your awning from premature deterioration, it is strongly recommended to have your canvas cleaned every 4-5 years.

It is important to have it cleaned by a professional, who uses non-abrasive products specially designed for acrylic fabrics that will not damage the fiber of the fabric.

Before starting the cleaning service, we will carefully inspect each seam to ensure the strength of the them. Following the inspection of your fabric, if we judge that the seams are too weekend, we will recommend that you sew the fabric of your awning completely before cleaning.

The cleaning service offered by Auvents Valleyfield also includes complete waterproofing of the canvas and sun protection with professional product that will not fade your colors. You can contact us for an estimate of the costs of this service.

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Awning Cleaning by Valleyfield Awning Cleaning by Valleyfield Awning Cleaning by Valleyfield Awning Cleaning by Valleyfield