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  • Commercial retractable awnings
  • Commercial retractable awningsCommercial retractable awnings
  • Residential awnings windowsResidential awning windows
  • Residential awning galleryResidential awning gallery
  • Commercial awnings windowsCommercial awnings windows

Our services

Manufacturing and repair

  • Stationary awning structure repair.
  • Retractable awning repair.
  • Custom canvas manufacturing.
  • Canvas and curtain repair.
Manufacturing and repair of awnings

Canvas winterizing

We offer removal of your canvas in autumn, storage in our specialized storage space, and installation in early spring. During the winter season, it is highly recommended to store the canvas high and in a warm and dry place.

Products sold

Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner:The latest product to clean stubborn stains safely. It is perfect to clean small areas of your canvas, without damaging it.

Water Repellent:This product is ideal to waterproof your canvas in places where water can infiltrate.

Awnings cleanerAwnings waterproofing


It is highly recommended to have the canvas and curtains cleaned every 5 years. Excessive accumulation of dirt reduces the life of your awning. It is important to have the canvas cleaned by a professional, who uses non-abrasive products to avoid damaging the canvas’ fibre. This service also includes a complete waterproofing of your canvas. We will also inspect your canvas to ensure that the seams are in good condition.


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